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Mammal surveys

January 18, 2019

Now is a good time to plan protected species surveys; otter, water vole and badger.

Late winter and spring are good times to carry out precautionary protected species surveys, where one of our mammal tracking experts carefully walks over a site to look for field signs.

For the riparian mammals such as otter and water vole, provided water levels are not too high, the lack of dense vegetation makes tracking easier. Water vole populations drop in winter, and it can be harder to spot tell-tale feeding signs, but otters are active all year round.

Badgers are less active in winter, but again with the lack of vegetation trails and signs of activity can be easier to spot.

We have mammal surveyors with a lot of experience of tracking and detection of field signs.  Should you wish to carry out a precautionary protected species survey, now is a good time to be thinking of it.  Contact Paul or Claire for an informal discussion of your needs.

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