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Nature Conservation

Argus Ecology can carry out ecological monitoring, and provide advice on land management to benefit nature conservation. We have been involved in a number of projects for statutory agencies or owners of statutory and local nature conservation sites, and sites designed to provide nature conservation benefits following land restoration works.

We have experience of a wide range of habitats, include broadleaved semi-natural woodland, calcareous grassland, heathland, raised and blanket bogs, wetlands and coastal dunes.

The following projects give an idea of the range of works we have undertaken:

  • Kincardine and Deeside woodland survey: a wide ranging NVC survey of over 140 woodlands carried out over a four-month period (1995-96; client – Northern Ecological Services / Scottish Natural Heritage);
  • Newport Wetlands, South Wales: vegetation and invertebrate surveys and mapping of ditches (reens) on a newly-established nature reserve within the Gwent Levels SSSI (2000; client – Countryside Council for Wales);
  • Thrislington National Nature Reserve, Co. Durham: Detailed long-term monitoring of grassland species frequency in fixed plots of translocated and control grasslands using multiple ‘mini-quadrats’ (1997-2005; client – Lafarge Aggregates);
  • Swarth Moor SSSI, North Yorkshire: NVC survey and mapping of lowland raised bog and wetland complex (2004; client – Lafarge Aggregates);
  • Catterick Training Area, North Yorkshire: NVC surveys of broad-leaved woodland on the military estate, with recommendations for conservation management (2002-03; client – Defence Estates);
  • Hedleyhope Fell, Co. Durham: Management Plan, followed by NVC survey and mapping of a mid-altitude heath nature reserve (2002; clients – Durham County Council / Durham Wildlife Trust).