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Argus Ecology is experienced in the ecological assessment of waste recycling, transfer and disposal facilities.

Landfill sites typically involve a significant land-take, and a thorough assessment of the ecological resources affected by the development is an important part of the planning process. Recycling and waste transfer facilities have a much smaller footprint, but may still require careful assessment, particularly if they are located close to sensitive sites, or involve the demolition or re-use of existing structures.

Off-site impacts are an important consideration, with the potential for leachate generation, dust, litter, and flocks of gulls and corvids all having possible ecological impacts.

The restoration of landfill sites provides the potential to create new habitats, within the constraints imposed by the need to construct a properly engineered landfill cap and minimise leachate generation. Adjacent land can provide opportunities for wetland creation, while it is possible to create species-rich grassland and woodland on the landfill cap itself.