Argus Ecology

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Aquatic Biology

Argus Ecology have a strong capability in a number of areas of aquatic biological consultancy, particularly in freshwater habitats. This includes:

  • Biological pollution monitoring using freshwater macro-invertebrates;
  • Biological pollution monitoring and classification of watercourses using diatoms;
  • Macro-invertebrate sampling and species identification in still and running waters; and
  • Aquatic macrophyte surveys.

We have a small Zodiac inflatable, enabling us to carry out more comprehensive surveys of larger ponds and lakes.

We have a long-standing association with a specialist fisheries and marine consultancy based in the region, Aquatic Environments, enabling us to offer a wider range of services including:

  • Coastal biotope mapping;
  • Sub-littoral diving and video surveys;
  • Infaunal invertebrate sampling; and
  • Electrofishing of freshwater habitats.