Argus Ecology

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Land restoration and management

Argus Ecology have experience of the restoration of wildlife habitats following a range of developments, including:

  • Sand and gravel extraction;
  • Hard rock quarries, including limestone, sandstone and dolerite;
  • Metal mine tailings dams; and
  • Opencast and deep coal mine waste.

We can produce Restoration Management Plans, detailing the operations necessary to achieve successful establishment of vegetation, and targeted towards the needs of priority habitats and species. We can oversee key operations such as soils stripping and placement, seeding and planting operations, and the formation of ponds and wetlands. We have experience of close working with specialists in soil science, geology, hydrogeology and landscape architecture, in order to achieve an integrated solution to land restoration.

We can also carry out ecological monitoring of restoration projects; our experience includes the long-term monitoring of a high-profile calcareous grassland translocation project, and monitoring of a major wetland mitigation scheme.

We also have experience of producing Management Plans for a wide range of habitats, including wetlands, woodlands, grasslands and historic parklands. We can integrate multi-use objectives of nature conservation, public access, recreation and agriculture to provide solutions which work – again working closely with other professionals as necessary.